Frolics Bar
Sangi Road
Lapu-Lapu City 6015, Philippines

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  • Frolics Bar

    Sangi Road
    Lapu-Lapu City 6015, Philippines
    2000 Pesos

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    Opening Hours: Open on Holidays Layout 3/5 Looks like a mini “Mango” bar! Simple layout, nice little bar for drinking at and seats dotted around. You can sit nice and close to the dance floor whilst still being amongst the girls, unlike a lot of bars. This is probably one of the best Mactan bars for foreigners – not so many Korean or Japanese. Chat to the girls or chill out and have `a few drinks. Pleasant, easy going bar to unwind in – but not as raucous or wilds as some! 3/5 Just like Mango! Interestingly, you’d expect the Mango bars to be the most expensive of them all – considering the location, but strangely most of them are not. For some unknown reason, that no one has been able to explain to me yet, the Filipino bars and downtown bars are normally MORE expensive that the main bars located on Mango – what the devil is that all about! Frolics, luckily, is a “mango” priced bar – perhaps the same owner as as a few of the bars in Mango. Just like Mango, ladies drinks around the 170+ mark and a San Miguel Light at 65. Bar fine is 1700. 700 to the bar and rest to the girl – didn’t used to be paid in advance, but perhaps things have changed. OK place to stop off for a couple before moving on, or perhaps winding down after a busy night out. Management Good atmosphere. Mamasan is a little pushy, but in a light-hearted way. Girls Looks 3/5 – OK, not really the “beauties of the Southern Jewel” – mostly 2s and 3s, but there’s a few really nice and friendly girls in there that make it worth a visit. My review may be a little unfair in that all visits have been towards the end of the night – be interesting to go in a little earlier – more remarkable specimens maybe be available for study! Attitude 4/5 Most girls seems friendly and are happy to chat. Lots of smiles, jokes and general friendliness – leads to nice atmosphere and pleasant, relaxed environment. Girls generally seem to notice you and are seem pleased that you are there, sounds obvious, but is not always the case! Fun Factor 3/5 Not massive fun factor – this bar is not a raving house of naughtiness, but it’s still nice oi! Foreigner Says Nice little inexpensive friendly place, worth a look and ok for foreigner. Get there early for best girls, or arrive later to chill out with a few SMLs.
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