Morales Street (Just off N Escario Street)
Cebu City 6000, Philippines
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  • Stripes

    Morales Street (Just off N Escario Street)
    Cebu City 6000, Philippines
    800 Pesos
    1000 Pesos

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    1 AdultSearch User Review
    Reviewed 01-26-2013
    On Escario, about 1 mins walk from the Golden Peak hotel – short taxi ride from Mango

    3/5 The layout is simple, but sensible. Plenty of places to sit – either at the bar or with the girls. There's nothing too extraordinary about the layout, but it's OK. management sounds like they really knows human food – so looking forward to the restaurant opening downstairs – presumably same menu will be available in the bar as well. Cebu is crying out for a good restaurant with a menu suitable for westerners – this could be one of the best, time will tell no doubt.

    4/5 Pricing is really good – hopefully pricing on the food will be the same. No silly charges (like extra for tax or service charges). Barfine is just a straight 800, you pay the girl – seems to be the best way to go. Ladies drinks are around the 150 peso mark I think, but Baileys is only around 170.

    Cover Charge: n/a
    Beer Price: 75pesos
    Ladies Drink Price: 120 to 185pesos
    Barfine Price: P1000
    Girl Fine: 800

    4/5 Looking like an Angry version of David Hasslehoff, the owner (actually Danial) seems easy going enough and has lived in Cebu long enough to know what's going on

    Girls Looks
    4/5 Some nice looking girls in here, not amazing – but defo well above the average bar – there's a few really sexy/sweetones. Nothing really rough or dodgey.

    4/5 Really good attitude – management takes no shite from bad girls – and the girls know it. Seems to be quite selective in who he'll let work in the bar – and the girls know it. Danial can get a little excited at times, termed “high blood” here, but he's harmless enough and you'll catch him laughing at himself about 10 minutes after the various “explosions”! Girls are really friendly and generally happy – nice place to just hang around – should be even better when the food is sorted out.

    Fun Factor
    4/5 No out and out crazy behaviour – it's a bit too chilled out in Stripes for that, but it's early days yet so who can tell! Nice bar to go in though and I think will gain a good reputation. Seems like a good spot for Westerners, rather than Koreans and Japanese. Be nice to see it develop and fill out with a few more girls, hope Danial can maintain the good atmosphere there and be fair with the girls (be nice to see the management pay the girls a salary of 300 – 400 a night, and/or pay them more commission on a drink). On the other side of the coin, read the review on “temptations” – bad Mamasan/Manager who rips of the girls to line her own pockets.

    4/5 As you can tell, I like this bar. Would strong recommend to westerners. I view modify this review once Danial gets the restaurant open and fully operational.

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