Hot Rod
+63 (032) 253-2746
Mango Avenue
Cebu City 6000, Philippines

+63 (032) 253-2746
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  • Hot Rod

    +63 (032) 253-2746
    Mango Avenue
    Cebu City 6000, Philippines


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    Reviewed 01-26-2013
    Hot Rod is now the Hottest bar in the Cebu Metropolitan Area. It is located on Mango Avenue within easy reach of all the major hotels and malls in the Cebu City area, such as, the Rajah Park Hotel at Fuente, the Crown Regency Hotel and the Ayala Mall.

    We have complete array of fine wines to choose from, beers, and all the most popular premium drinks. If playing billiard is one of your favorite past time then we have also two tables for you to enjoy. So, come and visit us tonight our and very friendly ladies are waiting to entertain and serve you, we are open from 7PM – 3AM every day.

    We also serve excellent snacks and international food to your delight. Ask to see our complete menu. It is our pleasure and honor to serve you. Or call us today at 032 – 2532746

    Mango Avenue, Cebu (right in the middle of the main of the main bar area)

    Layout :
    4/5 This bar replaced Black hole bar that was there before. The layout inside looks good, although it's fairly bright in there. Decent central stage and lots of peripheral seating. Lots if places to sit comfortably and chat with girls or just observe. You can also run around the bar chasing girls like a rabid dog chasing a pussy (if you wanted to). Overall, can't moan about the layout if this bar.

    Price :
    4/5 Proper Mango Avenue pricing. Mango is definitely “THE” bar area of Cebu – it has the best bars and surprisingly, with a few cheeky exceptions, the best pricing – all the way from a ladies drink to all out bar fine. Great news for everyone DON'T GET GREEDY OI!

    Management :
    Don't really know enough to comment, no probs when I was in there and more than happy to tolerate some “red horse” induced antics during my last visit!

    Girls Looks :
    3/5 Some nice lookers – we arrived late and there were still some nice ones in there – I'm sure if you arrived early you'd be in for a pleasant surprise or two.

    Attitude :
    4/5 no worries – girls were really friendly and funny, management did not hassle big time for drinks, seems better than the bar it replaced before

    Fun Factor :
    3/5 Good fun, enjoyed chasing girl around the bar on my last visit – can't actually remember why… Possibly something about English and Vampires?

    Overall :
    4/5 Recommended better bar in the Mango Strip – as with most bars, be sure to check it out earlyish at least once so you'll appreciate what you've missed when you turn up late next time!

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