Club Temptations
+63 (032) 253-3237
#433 D. Jacosalem Street
(Corner Mango Avenue)
Cebu City 6000, Philippines

+63 (032) 253-3237
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  • Club Temptations

    +63 (032) 253-3237
    #433 D. Jacosalem Street
    (Corner Mango Avenue)
    Cebu City 6000, Philippines
    1700 Pesos

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    1 AdultSearch User Review
    Reviewed 01-26-2013
    Club Temptation is now the premiere club in Cebu Metropolitan Area. Large secure car parking area, under constant supervision by our security personnel. Centrally located within easy reach of all the major hotels in the Cebu City area.

    Club Temptation is owned by one who has many years of experience in the club / Bar / restaurant / entertainment business in various locations around the world including Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. With this International experience he has ensured that all Club Temptation staff put the customer first at all times. He personally supervised the alteration and modernization of the building and has impressed on the cleaning staff the necessity of having everything scrupulously clean. The toilets for example are normally checked every fifteen minutes.

    Concerning security, In addition to the uniformed security guards at the main entrance and car park, there is another highly trained security guard (in plain clothes) inside the bar area. Last but not the least, it is worth mentioning that there is a large international menu available.

    The Bar:
    In addition to being the largest club in Cebu, all the staff at Club Temptation are very friendly, accomodating and always pleasant and welcomes the regular and new customers alike.

    There are currently over 40 young, attractive dancers who between performing their dance routines mingle with the customers. The vast majority of the dancers speak 3 or more languages.

    In order to ensure that customers orders are swiftly taken and delivered, there are usually around fifteen waitress at their service who speak a range of languages.

    There are usually 8 bar staff mixing and dispensing cocktails, shooters and a large range of drinks. All at very affordable prices. Gina, the club manager speaks fluent English and Japanese. Her two assistants speak English, Japanese and Korean. Regardless of which country you came from, in Club Temptation, you are almost certain to meet fellow countrymen there. It is not unusual to hear English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and other languages including the different Scandinavian languages being spoken at the lage L-shape bar beside the dance floor area.

    Mango Ave, off the main strip – walk past the main bars heading in Ayala direction, turn right at the Caltex gas station

    3/5 Actually quite a sizeable bar with pretty good layout. Upstairs has a load of pool tables – couple down stairs as well. Plenty of places to sit – either with the girls or by the bar, correctly positioned for going viewing of the dance stage. A little bit too light, so could be improved by dropping the lighting down a bit.

    4/5 Prices are messed up and all the place. Manager as bent as a two bob bit and runs an endless series of scams to on guests and girls alike, so who knows what you'll pay. Recent strange pricing includes

    You have to buy at least 3 lady drinks before you can bar fine a girl
    Koreans were recently charged an entrance fee of php500, this had the effect of drastically cutting custom – another scam from the very questionable , but well off Filipino manageress.
    Mysterious and numerous calculation errors, in favour of the bar, which seem to get more frequent, the more you drink. Another manageress driven incentive?

    •Cover charge: none
    •San Miguel: P50
    •Mixed drinks: P50 (rum and coke)
    •Ladies Drink: P150
    •Barfine: P1700 (all-inclusive)

    1/5 When the foreign owner is away, the cat will play. Manageress supplements her income by pulling as many scams as humanly possible, including

    Back dating, originally questionable fines for years, so that in the future, if the girl bar-fines, mysterious deductions are made when it comes to time to settle up – myserious fine to the girl invariably is 200, out of the 1000 owed to her from the bar for the bar fine, leaving her just 800 and the manageress 200 better off.
    Massive and frequent fining of girls. Girl breaks wind, and it doesn't smell right – better watch out if the manageress gets a sniff of it!

    Following the girls to the popular bars after kicking out time so that an additional penalty can be given to them if she catches them with a guy. Any penalty that is dished out, will be taken out of future earnings, so not a lot the girls can do about it.
    Final bill calculation errors – as mentioned above.
    Manager forever ticking of the girls, but when it comes to resolving a real issue, suddenly becomes deaf and very quiet.

    Just check your bill.

    Girls Looks
    3/5 Full range here, a handful of reasonable ones, but most are decidedly average. Sometimes there is a good number of girls in the bar, esp. when the owner is back. The number invariably drops, sometimes to remarkably low levels when the owner away – due to girls leaving for the reason mentioned above

    3/5 Girl attitude not bad, not great either. A lot just sitting around looking pretty miserable, but a few nice ones that will come over and be pleasant. Management attitude is HIDEOUS, the worst of all the bars.

    Fun Factor
    2/5 Can actually be good fun, reputably the origin of the now famous sport of “human jousting”, where two opponents pop a screaming girl onto their shoulders, lower their head ready for battle – thus presenting the girl forward as a substitute lance, then proceed to charge at each other and other panicking girls to create general unruliness and mayhem! Really needs to be witnessed to be fully appreciated!

    2/5 Could be a great bar as has potential – but, bad management, hanging around like a bad smell has drastically reduced the quality of this bar. Apparently the temptation for some to make a little extra, was/is too overwhelming. Time will tell with this bar, plonk a decent manager in there and it might really turn around.

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